album release: “falling down”

i released a new album, falling down, this past wednesday. it is currently rolling out to all major streaming sites.

as i did with up, up, and away, i’ve taken past monday songs and created a continuous musical experience, “the broken road to open wide.” it’s a meditation on love and surrender, a soundtrack to the uncertain journey from loss to acceptance.

since some platforms and devices insert space between songs, i’ve created a single continuous track below to give the full experience.

i hope to have more to share in the coming weeks and months.

it’s nice to be back.

Re-posting Full Movie: “Up, Up, And Away” (2016)

After a two year absence, I’ve moved my feature-length video to Vimeo, making it available again after various issues with the other video platform.

The movie accompanies the album “Up, Up and Away,” whose eighteen songs chronicle the emotional rollercoaster of a manic episode that landed me in the hospital in 1999. The video juxtaposes my songs with classics of manic cinema.


“20/20 vision (let there be light)”

i made this video for elizabeth warren, my choice for president since the debacle in 2016.

“electability” is a code word for “men are only comfortable voting for a man.” if you need proof of misogyny in this country, just point at most men’s inability to see that warren is the only candidate with a resume that includes the kind of work that will be necessary in cleaning up after trump. Continue reading ““20/20 vision (let there be light)””