hear we are again
standing at the river’s end
the falls
the crashing walls

standing on the shore
blue-white fingers, slamming doors
the waves
the night parade
there’s always something more

fences burn
your confidence returns
from the dents, we learn
an open heart is broken wide

pushing out to sea
dead of night, alone but free
the fear
there’s only here

breathing in the air
outside, inside, everywhere
for goodness sake
exposure strips you bare

connections lost
all certainty tossed
the brutal truth at such a cost
an open heart is broken wide

fantasies and epitaphs
before-and-after photographs
when the moment comes
the universe hums

landing far away
pre-future, post-yesterday
a start
a world apart

here we stand alone
unfamiliar far from home
but clear
it’s all right hear
and here is where we belong

a pin in the map
a center for your victory lap
conviction baits the tender trap
an open heart is broken wide

light in the sky
the sun about to rise
and the fire in your eyes
an open heart is broken wide
an open heart is broken wide
a woken heart, a home inside