listen: from “falling down”

listen: monday song


happy trails waiting on the blue horizon
but you’ll have to march a thousand rainy miles
with your head held up high,
and your hope chest warm and dry
you have to taste the teardrops
to savor the smiles
fairy tales at the end of the rainbow
but reality will keep you on the run
with your heart pumping dreams
and a soul of moonbeams
you have to dance with the darkness
to sing in the sun
night and day treetops sway in the breeze
day and night, dark and light
it’s a see-saw struggle and there’s no guarantees
holy grails offer quests their happy ending
but you’ll have to battle dragons all the way
with a prayer to your god,
or an existential nod
the only way to tomorrow is through today
the only road to tomorrow goes through today
if you want to get to tomorrow, live through today

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