“20/20 vision (let there be light)”

i made this video for elizabeth warren, my choice for president since the debacle in 2016.

“electability” is a code word for “men are only comfortable voting for a man.” if you need proof of misogyny in this country, just point at most men’s inability to see that warren is the only candidate with a resume that includes the kind of work that will be necessary in cleaning up after trump. if the question is framed as who has the chops to run a country after it has been pressed through the GOP sausage grinder, warren is not only the sole candidate who understands the moment, the petty way the three front-running men are campaigning shows they are ignorant of the way the world has changed since the obama-trump presidencies.

“trust me” is an empty promise. what we need are clear rules for transparency and accountability, and that’s the last thing a man will offer when running for a position he feels entitled to. entitlement is the last thing we need after the toxic masculinity on display in this lawless administration and the political party that covered their crimes.