lost – sometimes there’s darkness, sometimes there’s pain
sometimes there’s driving rain
home – that’s where the heart is, sometimes so close,
but lately so far away

dawn – daylight arising, asleep to awake
it’s goodness for goodness sake
noon – the fire is surprising, the clarity shakes,
it feels like my heart will break

happy ever after it’s the tide that lifts all boats
if you cut loose the expectations
then your submarine will float
happy ever after leave the fairy tales behind
in comes the world, out goes your mind

fear – a loss of direction, you hide all alone
a symphony turned to stone
now – a total connection, a permanent wave,
a companion from cradle to grave

happy ever after it’s the kindness that you grow
the soft inclusion whispers true
the world is closer than you know
happy ever after inside out not up above
you breathe in fear, and breathe out love

don’t reach for perfection,
you see it’s already here
no need for protection,
it’s a sea of sensitivity
a world inside a tear

love – a heart undefended, a mind free from doubt.
you breathe in, you breathe out
peace – an ending suspended, a life free from fear,
and everything’s all right here

happy ever after live your life just like song and when the melody’s uncertain feel the rhythm pull you on
happy ever after like a river runs downhill
you flow away, while standing still

happy ever after when you open up your heart you see that endings are beginnings every moment brings a start
happy ever after an experiment we play
you get the love you give away