slow down




good morning sun, i just can’t wait
a dozen mouth fulls on my plate
i’ll chew through four, then swallow eight
i’m running late
good morning light, heard the news?
i’m dynamite, both ends a fuse
i’m blowing up in reds and blues
no time to lose
slow down
good morning fast, good morning soon
five coffees deep by ten to noon
i’m flying high, a lost balloon
in a padded room
running cold, driving blind
growing old, before my time
i scrape and claw and fall behind
then lose my mind
slow down
too much information flowing
too much anxious interest growing
too much sticky bullshit going round
too much marrow in your funny bone
too much world inside your phone
your time with friends is spent alone
like music without sound
good morning night, no time for bed
i’d just chase sheep around my head
fast asleep awake instead
the running dead
good morning moon, the day is done
the end comes soon when you run run run
embrace the tension eat your starting gun
it’s fun fun fun
slow down

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