i fly away


watch “i fly away”


when I come
when I come around
when I come around I found
it  makes me go away
i grow away I grow
ihen I grow
ihen I leave the ground
there I go I’m all around
i’m lost and found my way
i’ve found I fly away
babies smile and church bells ring
bark I hear the angels sing
to feel like this is what feeling’s for
every heartbeat leaves me wanting more
when I fly
when I fly away
when I fly so high I say
the world is free
tnd I’m supposed to be
when I flow
when I float away
feel it flooding through my brain
my love explodes
i overflow
resurrected I return
to warm my heart I gladly burn
i’m Buddha’s son I’m Jesus Christ
a transcendental sacrifice
the son must die for god to live
so take a way all I’ve got to give
to gain the world I lose my soul
and all I have to do is lose control
when I fall
i tumble for the sky
when I fall I wonder why
i just can’t fly
not when I wonder why
when I come
when I come around
when I come around I found
it breaks me, makes me go away
i’ve lost my faith
once I heard the angel’s sing
now I don’t hear anything
the best I’ve ever felt was bad
the greatest thought I ever had
i knew it once inside my heart
now I memorize the part
it’s best to love and lose than not
but it kills me to know what I haven’t got
i fly away
i fly away

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