up, up, and away (original title: "a view from above")




monday morning and i’m waking
i push the fishbowl
now it’s making it’s way to the ground
monday afternoon i’m clear
all that’s far away is near
monday evening and i’m crying
far to fall when you’ve been
flying so close to the sun
monday night the fuses blow
it seems i’ll have to let you go
too high to see
a world of color, now blue and green
too high to see
chew up the details and life can be a dream
tuesday morning and i’m shaking
the spark’s a fire now
the truth takes the bull by the horns
tuesday afternoon i roam
a hero’s got to have a home
tuesday evening i let go
i watch the worlds collide
and smile as the fishbowl explodes
tuesday night i’m all alone
you have to die to be full grown
and i can see the bones
who would i be if i left it all behind
what will i see when i peel away my mind
the truth speaks slowly, my thoughts go rushing past
i reach to touch my soul, but the drugs kick in at last
wednesday morning and i’m aching
the cracks are putty-filled
i splinter when breaking apart
wednesday morning the fire’s gone out
they took the certain and left the doubt
too high to see
no one i think is in my tree
too high to see
there’s all of you and all of me
too high to see
too high to see
too high to see
the world falls back to shades of grey

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