monday song #98: when you’re gone


it’s been forever since i’ve done a straight ahead music hall number, and since i’m winding things down, thought it would be fun to revisit the style.

i improved this one from beginning to end a few weeks back, and then cleaned up some of the chords and transitions. originally it was a “my suicide” style song, but the jaunty style didn’t fit, so i changed the lyrics to be about aging. the old-time string band sound works well in this context.

the bridge chords are pretty much “i’ll follow the sun,” but i thought the reference added a bit of flavor, as it’s an ode to narcissistic youth. the culprit in this tune.

i added the verse at the beginning to lend it some dramatic context.

i probably spent most time on the sloppy guitar solo, which was fun. “i’m beginning to see the light” felt like a sideways poke at the dark side of revelation.

this marks the first installment created on my new computer. everything is so fast and easy, that it feels a bit unfinished.

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