when you’re gone



lately i’ve been feeling all alone
a man without a country, a stranger in my home
i reach out for a friend, but the phone just rings
i feel so old, even the sunshine stings
they don’t know what they got until it’s gone
so won’t they all be sorry, when the fat lady sings
no one calls, no one cares,
till you’re the last one standing ‘midst the musical chairs
then they’ll all come out to see you when you’re gone
out of sight, out of mind,
but when you’re pushing up the daisies then they find the time
yes they’ll all come out to see you, when you’re gone
when spring is sprung, they sing and dance in the sun,
but november falls, the motor stalls,
they throw away the starting gun
watch ’em faint, watch ’em cry,
everybody loves you on the day you die
yes they’ll all be sad they missed you when you’re gone
when you’re young and hot, everybody wants what you got
but when you’re old and grey, near your dying day,
they’re all afraid to catch what you caught.
yes a light’s gonna dawn
whether at sea, a columbarium, a plot at forest lawn
yeah they’ll all come out to see you, when you’re gone

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