monday song #92: like i like you


i had the chords and the melody of the first few lines. felt like some colin hay song. just happy and miles from progressive rock.

as i goofed around with my trademark gobbledy-gook lyrics i hit on “if i liked you like you like me.” took me five minutes to figure out if the sentence parsed. once i figured out the meaning, the lyrics came fast.

i had the chords for the bridge, mainly random, just trying to stuff something in there. but as i built the melody and adjusted the majors and minors, it started working for me. layering on the harmonies and it got quite fun. i love the process of sweeping up a mess and then arriving at something cool, that i could never have planned. the harmonies ended up quite beatle-esque in there.

i want to do a few more high school songs before i hit 100, and this one certainly fits the bill. i love writing about yearning. and naiveté, similar to “you and only me” from 2009.