imagine what great friends we would be
if i liked you like you like me
at the movies i’d just smile at the screen
we’d buy ice cream

but i like you like i like you
i’ve tried there’s just nothing i can do
i wish you liked me that way too
i really do

holding hands
kissing good night
together side by side
i’d hold you tight

imagine all the places we’d go
from pittsburgh pa, to tokyo
we’d start out fast then take things slow
our love would grow

but you like mu like you like me
you’re brother’s not what i want to be
i dream we’re sitting up in a tree

sharing showers
double dates
anniversary flowers
we’d sleep in late

here i drop broken-hearted
so easy to stop what’s never been started
if i close my eyes i see
you and me
you and me

imagine all the things we could do
if you liked me like i like you
you’d love me till i’m black and blue
i’d love you too
one and one makes two

holding hands
spending the night
together side by side
we’d hold each other tight

sharing showers
toothbrush too
i’d surprise you with flowers
oh the things we could do
if you liked me like i like you