monday song #85: rise and shine


happy new year.

wrote the tune the 4:30 in the morning after a sleepless night. was shooting for a cole porter style tune, but ended up closer to billy strayhorn.

wrote the words on new year’s eve and recorded with my a couple days after new year. i think it turned out quite nice, in large part due to the ideas and performance of my wife and kids.

this is the tenth anniversary of the first ever holiday song: a five-year-old cormac shouting out jingle bells with an assist from his (just turned) two-year-old sister maude. hilarious.

when i get the new site up, i’ll be sure to include a corner for these little gems. they’ve been fun to do, and turned out to be a great record of the growing skills of the kids.

on to 2014…

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  1. Andy & Family,
    Stunning work. Loved all of it – melody, lyrics & vocals. I’ve listened to it over & over. Just flat out awesome! Xo

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