monday song #84: where’s michael


this is the second of a planned ten in a row that will feature two-part harmony, in an effort to give kristin and i a full set of original music to perform. plus all the lovely (and obscure) 70s covers, of course.

the protagonist is michael’s sister, having spent a harrowing night with michael losing his sanity and being ‘taken away.’ the fifth monday song, ‘winston, please’ could be seen as a view of her life years later.

putting the tune together, my main thought, as with last week, was creating space for harmonies, and using a lot of counterpoint, rather than unison thirds. i essentially try to capture my wife’s innate gift for picking cool and unusual harmonies. i’m sure she’ll take this another step, as well.

the key change from verse to chorus is a weird one. but i liked the off-balance feeling at the beginning of the choruses.  i continue to be inspired by the jayhawks tune, ‘blue,’ with it’s moody and off-kilter harmony choices.

note: this will be the final post on my ‘old’ site. come the new year, i hope to have my new site up, which will continue to host monday songs, while also offering more than you’d ever want to know about me and my music. if you subscribed to the current feed, you may have to re-up. haven’t tested that part yet.

outside of having a more deep site, i also plan on adding more images to the posts, occasional videos, etc. plus i plan to make all my old music available as well (not just the monday songs). i also introduces monday radio last week, which i will continue to update.

see you at the new site!

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