monday song #79: report card


i almost finished this one a year and a half ago, but got stuck on the bridge, and let it sit. i was digging through some old files and found this and a half dozen others that once seemed like lost causes. i figure i’ll do some creative archeology over the coming weeks…

this tune plays out like the less disturbing sister of sweet sixteen, two weeks back. it’s definitely a theme i’ve returned to, both with high school kids (‘lowe valley high,’ ‘you and only me‘) and their grown up counterparts (‘nadine,’ or ‘pass the salt‘). i even used the name maribel name here, as in ‘pass the salt,’ not unlike the two samanthas on “let your heart break” a few years back.

i was an ‘overly careful high schooler,’ which i consider a euphemism for ‘depressed.’ so there is some deep fascination with risk takers and rule breakers, but also an attraction to lost souls, and the hope for redemption. for the monday songs family, if redemption comes, it’s only after the song has faded out.

i’m coming up on the fifth anniversary of this blog, with 79 songs to show so far… i’m hoping to maintain better consistency for the next five years. maybe 83 songs…
see you next week.