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jasmine kylie payne sits on a bus bench in the rain,
she holds the facts, but can’t explain the tragic fall
the paper’s cold and wet,
but hasn’t shed those letters yet
two parts confusion, one regret, and blame for all
mama’s little angel lost her way
all this space between us here to stay
she stares out the window, but all that she sees
is an a, a b, 2 c’s, and 3 d’s
jasmine’s mother smokes, yells
“this is not the time for jokes,
say it’s a prank, say it’s a hoax” her face turns red
jasmine watches mommy cry,
“well, kiss the scholarships goodbye,
if your father were alive, then he’d drop dead”
she climbs the stairs, then climbs in bed
mama’s little angel lost her wings
all the pain and heartache teenage brings
her special girl, so eager to please
but now an a, a b, 2 c’s, and 3 d’s
she started hanging out with candy summers
at truth or dare she took all comers
the boys all whispered please please please
she was on her back or on her knees
all term long a love parade
now she’s the one who gives the grades
she sleeps through class gives exams at night
the teachers ask if she’s all right
she tells her mom what she wants to hear
‘i’ll make things right by the end of the year,’
she longs to confess: she sunk so low
and start again, give it another go
but she doesn’t know
what she doesn’t know
and in six more weeks
she’ll start to show
jasmine kylie bell lives in a house in new rochelle
she’s got three boys, and maribel, her child of gold
her husband drank, so now he prays
he works the nights, she works the days
her daughter soothes them with straight a’s
and the honor roll
she’ll bear that cross to save mommy’s soul
mama’s little angel shines a light
and there’s just no space between us
that feels quite right
they say there’s no second chances,
but she’s passing with ease
instead of an a, a b, 2 c’s, and…
mama’s little angel’s on her way
but you just can’t hide tomorrow from today
locked in a vault with an infectious disease
that ends with an a, a b, 2 c’s, and 3 d’s

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