monday song #72: inside


here’s something of a love song. i don’t think i’ve done much in this style. i think watching “bobby vinton” last night in goodfellas may have had some impact, though the chords were already in place. it was fun trying to sing old-fashioned.

this might be the fastest tune to date from conception to completion. the whole thing took a few hours. not sure how all those chords made it in.

there’s definitely some john lennon here. the verse could have come right off an unreleased demo. and the frank confessional lyric, reaching for a positivity he could never truly grasp; that’s a familiar feeling.

i was particularly pleased with the bass sound on this one. i just picked up a rickenbacker, and it sounds incredible. any instrument that could produce the bass on both sgt. pepper’s and yes fragile is alright by me. now i just have to learn to mix it so it sounds awesome on my computer speakers…


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