monday song #70: 18 years


this one is for my wife, kristin. sunday was our wedding anniversary, and since she was away with the kids, i had the day to write a song. this is one of the few that was conceived, composed and recorded all in a day. it’s a little loose around the edges, but the structure is sound, and if you put enough love in a song, it tends to win the day, no matter the flaws.

since it’s a monday song, i should share the relevant dark facts:

i’ve spent a lot of years adding up the time since lennon’s death and thinking about that much time before his death, as a way to conceive of the life he missed out on. i remember when eighteen years came and went, essentially erasing the beatles. of course that was 1998. now, it’s thirty three years after the fact, and thirty three years before his death, he would have been seven. a lot of life stolen.

enough gloom. and don’t worry, my wife would approve. we’ve played this game together.

anyway, as far as the historical facts, there are one or two that are not exact, for instance, you can’t really date “quantum mechanics” though i took 1927 from a famous conference that helped popularize the concept. most are pretty obvious, but i did want to call out my nod to loudon wainright III, in whose style i produced the tune. the line “‘fame and wealth’ to ‘poses'” is a reference to his 1983 album “fame and wealth” and his son’s album “poses” from 2001. both definitely worth a listen.

that’s pretty much it. except for the obvious finale:

happy anniversary, kristin!

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  1. Hey Andy, The new stuff sounds great and the videos are amazing! I don’t know how you do it. I think “Nadine” is my favorite. Listened to it once and couldn’t get it out of my head the next day. Hope everyone is good.

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