18 years



18 years brings a whole lot of knowledge
18 years yes we’ve finally grown up
18 years that’s old enough for college
18 years and we haven’t slowed up
18 years from woodstock to guns and roses
18 years from the ‘twilight zone’ to ‘cheers’
18 years from ‘fame and wealth’ to ‘poses’
between godfathers 1 and 3, that’s right, eighteen years
18 years before we were married
it’d be eight more years till we’d smile hello
in 1977 punk rock was still scary
the clash, talking heads, the damned,
the sex pistols, and elvis costello
it takes 18 years to make macallan in scotland
18 years from viet nam to desert storm
18 years from ‘twist and shout’ to mark david chapman
18 years from quantum mechanics to the bomb
in 18 years we‘ll be taking our time
i’ll be 65, and you’ll be old too
cormac will be 32 and maude, 29
there’s a good chance they’ll be counting off married years,
though i hope just a few
and I’ll be looking for things that took 36 years to do

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