cd release: “up, up, and away”

thursday night (october 6, 2016) marks the official cd-release party for “up, up, and away.” i will be performing the entire album live, accompanying the feature length film i made, at the historic Grand Illusion cinema in north Seattle (7pm).

“up, up, and away” is an old-fashioned concept album that describes the experience of a manic episode i endured back in 1999, a side effect of anti-depressants.  Continue reading “cd release: “up, up, and away””

final edit: “up, up, and away” – full movie

i’ve just completed the final edit of my feature-length video, “up, up, and away.” this project has been in the planning stages since 2011, and i’ve been actively working on it for most of the past year. i’m really excited about the results.

the film captures the various emotional states that accompanied a manic episode i suffered back in 1999, after being mistakenly prescribed anti-depressants.

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monday song #107: "happy ever after"


this week i’m wearing my influences on my sleeve. i started out with the beatles-esque chorus, which came to me while walking the dog one morning last week. the IV-I-V-I chord sequence also steals from my own “love song,” but the more simplistic melody reminds me of the mccartney throwaway “all together now.”

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monday song #105: “time machine” (00m #2)


i didn’t realize this was an 00m song until i was recording the harmonies. i started doing the “oo’s” over the bridge and it struck me i could put an ‘m’ on the end. at that moment i realized the whole song shared the 00m atmosphere, with a protagonist struggling with mental health issues and outsider-ness, with a core – if tragic – “happy ending” of acceptance, in this case, forced.

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monday song #102: "the lonely boats"


a similar theme to last week’s entry. preparation for some kind of a journey, though not sure whether it is an inner or outer journey. a tidying up before moving on, perhaps.

with the first few, i’m not setting a high bar, just want to get back in the habit of having an unfinished tune in my head all week. ultimately i have a pair of musicals i want to create songs for. but first, some stretching and warming up.