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in 1999, i was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. at the time, i lay strapped to a restraint table in the psych ward of a local hospital, the consequence of the increasingly erratic and unsafe behavior that defines a florid manic episode. what had begun as an inspirational recovery, after years battling depression, disintegrated into chaos and delusion andback1 a fearlessness that was ultimately life-threatening. in all, it would be five days until i was allowed to return home, accompanied by a depression worse than any i had experienced.

this vicious circle represents the tragic irony of bipolar disorder (or manic depression, the term i prefer). the improvement in mood and clarity that seems to offer long- sought-after release from a paralyzing darkness is itself a dangerous symptom of the disease. the feeling of safety is ultimately unsafe; the feeling of trust, untrustworthy.

this album captures the shifting moods of my first manic experience: from depression to the first flickers of light; the ascent into mania, then hospitalization; a night in restraints, followed by a return to ‘normality’ (aka depression). a musical tragedy in eighteen songs.

i made a feature length video as a visual companion to the music. watch it at

for anyone wrestling with bipolar depression.



written, performed, recorded, and mixed by andy liotta

mastered by ed brooks at rfi mastering, seattle, wa

all songs licensed by ascap * artwork by billie burke