up, up, and away #2: "cattle"

this is the second video from the soon-to-be-released “up, up, and away.”
after the overview provided by “the cure,” “cattle” opens part one, a two-song sequence focused on “depression” and feature scenes from koyaanasqatsithe manchurian candidate, and some rather graphic footage from a beef processing plant.

the entire suite tracks an experience of bipolar mania from beginning to end.
my experience of mania was one of relentless association driven by a kind of serendipitous synchronization that occurred over and over: random external information would be given great importance through its connection to some awakened memory or new-found enthusiasm spontaneously leaping up to meet it. it felt distinctly like the world was paying attention to me.

but the journey starts at the bottom, where there is very little feeling of connection.
to anything or anyone.