monday song #109: “gratitude”

here’s something i made out of the divine scraps of other tunes; the musical equivalent of my movie editing style.
the result is somewhere between glam rock tribal rite and the bubbling absurdity of dreams.
it’s the most fun i’ve had being creative in a long time.
* azar lawrence: “gratitude”
* queen: “bohemian rhapsody,” “we will rock you,” “prophet song,”
* “fat bottomed girls,” “dreamer’s ball,” “in the lap of the gods”
* rick rubin: “we will rock you (remix)”
* led zeppelin: “in the light”
* golden rain: “ketjak: the ramayana monkey chant”

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monday song #108: king con


in honor of donald drumpf’s inauguration, i give you “king con.”

the only possible upside his unpleasant reign could bring would be the end of the republican party whose graft and insincerity summoned him from the bowels of hell.

hail to the theif.


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monday song #106: “see-saw”


i’ve been hankering to do an old-time song since i started up again. i sat down with my daughter’s ukelele while i was watching the olympics and sang the opening phrase first thing.

the lyrics, on the other hand, took some effort. they still feel a bit unfinished, but i’m confident they reached the level of “good enough.”

over the past couple months, i’ve been singing a few hours a day, which has opened up some previously unavailable high notes. i had a lot of fun quavering in the upper register, reinforcing the novelty old-timey (aka comedy) feel.

i’m hoping to write more in the standards vein in the coming weeks.

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