winston please



when mom was sad we’d play you were
adopted from the daydream world
dropped off under porch light in the rain
you’d laugh awhile then turn away
to futures built of yesterdays
and i’d close my eyes and pray you’d never change
winston when you ring me up
you know you bring me down
don’t you understand?
i can’t hold you up

you can’t let me down

but won’t you take my hand

you dropped out a semester in
headed east to a westward spin
and you blessed the swirling colors that set you free
my phone would ring, you’d share your news
the greens, the oranges, pinks and blues
you’d laugh and cry and i’d lie and let you be
winston when you ring me up
you always brings me down
can’t you take my hand?
and though i brought you up
i know i let you down
you got me on my knees
oh winston please
oh winston please be kind
and you might find a way
now you’re far away and you won’t come home
on second mondays you can telephone
but your world’s gone gray, your futures all have passed
looking back i see the signs
your broken hearted valentines
and i’m doing fine, though i know you’ll never ask
winston when you ring me up
you know you bring me down
won’t you understand?
i won’t hold you up
>you won’t let me down
i hope you find some peace

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