where’s michael?



jane lies awake after crying herself to sleep
a river running deep below the ground
writhing on the sidewalk till they held his arms and feet
it took three cops to keep him down
she always had a smile for michael
although he seemed so far away
it’s monday morning and where is michael?
we tripped down by the shopping mall laughing while we fried
the door that opened wide was once a crack
trey bailey’s living room, he grabbed his knees and cried
“it’s always christmas behind my back!”
she always kept an eye on michael
afraid he’d up and disappear
the sun is rising where is michael?
everyone looks in the mirror
everyone wonders what’s there
behind the eyes another lifetime
another world behind the stare
please tell me
who’s there
go let it go let it go let it go
but don’t go too far inside
jane lies awake runs her nails across the floor
her brother’s door is open wide
nowhere to hide
she always tries to visit michael
but when she does he’s never there
the day is dead but where is michael?
remember the fireworks with michael?
the stars exploding in their eyes
lights went out and there went michael

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