time machine (00m #2)



she dabs some paint upon the canvas
she adds a shadow by the door
her cool white fingers check her forehead
she sees the brush fall to the floor
she sits down, heavy with confusion
next thing she’s laying ‘gainst the wall
she hears the siren in the distance
seems her neighbor heard the fall
blue-white flower tiles
an apron all her own
tip toes reach the dishes
another foot and she’ll be grown
the doctor nods and smiles
but his words are oh so far away
it seems his shirt has lost a button
it seems her husband passed away
“your lungs are clear, no sign of fever…”
“that’s a healthy lump above your ear…”
“i’m afraid you won’t be heading homeward…”
“too many tumbles, too little fear”
blue white flower tiles
petticoats and sugar cane
mother irons her apron
the paint box left a pretty stain
time plays hide and seek
every now and then now is then
close your eyes and lose a week
the broken clock set right again
she dabs some paint upon the canvas
but the shadow’s only in her head
the fleeting mask of concentration
as she lays silent in her bed
blue white flower tiles
right back on square one
life is just beginning
and yet somehow the day is done
blue white flower tiles
her mother’s kitchen floor
outside the world is in darkness
she stands there waiting by the door
smiling patient by the door
a shadow by the door

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