the power of not knowing

listen: from “falling down”

watch: monday song


crazy the night
buckshot and blue
crazy the night
evergreen and new
and i
and you
yes it’s true, we’re all falling down
maybe i’m right
maybe this stone needs a new home
in the night
out of sight
from such a height
there’s no room for might
i’m falling down
we learn to stand tall
in the light
shielding our eyes
from the bright
oh but the night
yes and the night
holds off tomorrow
till it’s close enough to see
with arms open wide
like the sea
arms open wide
you and me
and the night hides away
guides the way
paint me a sunrise
in black and white
paint me an ocean
in wrong and right
we fill up our wishing well
we’re all falling down
ringing the church bell
we’re all falling down
alone in a prison cell
we all fall down
haunted by folks who already fell
falling down
the trick is to forget about the ground

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