rachel rides the short bus



rachel rides the short bus
she might be dangerous
baggy jeans, a t-shirt, dyed black hair
a nose ring another six in her ear
the guys think she’s crazy, i wish she were here
i wanna dive in and never come up for air
rachel rides the short bus
sure she’ll never major in calculus
but the way she licks her lips just takes my breath
she always looks so out of place
the kids call her names but not to her face
i wanna talk to her but i’m lost in space
well, courage only counts when you’re scared to death
she nods when i say hello
my tongue is tied
i ask her to a show
she says “i’m flattered, but no,”
i smile and turn to go,
she says “have you ever heard of joan miro?”
“no i never heard of john maro,
why don’t you tell me everything you know
there’s no hurry we can take it slow.”
she’s not dumb she’s just distracted
i’m not spastic i’m just attracted
all her pencils have broken tips
i can’t keep my eyes off her lips
rachel rides the short bus
she’s neurotic, wild, and fabulous
i don’t tell her i love her cuz it brings her down
she hates homework i give her a hand
she made a silk screen of my favorite band
tomorrow we’ll cut class and head downtown
and the kids yell, “rachel rides the short bus”
they say “kevin rides the short bus too”
and i say, “rachel,
i’m proud to ride the short bus with you.”

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