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if i was lost in the middle of nowhere
running out of gas with two flat tires
it could be raining, angry headlights gaining
of some off duty trooper who wants to stick it to queers
well i’d rather be there than here
at least I’d understand the fear
cause the only thing that’s really clear
this must be misery
i never knew love could feel so bad
this must be misery
even the sunshine makes me sad
i’d rather be stranded on a desert island
no food no water just a tidal wave
i prefer imminent destruction volcanic eruption
whether i bun while I’m drowning, or drown while i burn
beats the pants off crawling round like a worm
yes i know i’ve got a lot to learn
and there’s evidence wherever i turn
this must be misery
i just can’t take this anymore
this must be misery
i can’t stop digging my tongue in the sore
this must be misery
another prisoner of war
from the day you moved in with me
(that day lives in infamy)
you’ve had it in for me
you took me to the mountaintop
i begged you not to stop
so you did
you made me a slave for you
i always behave for you
i dug my grave for you
you killed the last of my pride
you say your love has died
you got another guy on the side
you bend me over I open wide
if i was on a tightrope, over a shark tank
riding a unicycle set on fire
throw in a stiff wind, a tap-dancing elephant
tip-toeing over to jump in my arms
this would be ecstasy compared to the harm
wind chimes compared to you fire alarm
i got my heartburn to keep me warm
this must be misery
it killed me to find my love was true
this must be misery
i didn’t know one and one was blue
this must be misery
it’s always darkest, so where’s the dawn?
this must be misery
yes this is the end,
but it goes on and on and on

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