me …and my dog



i think i’ll take my walk,
my private inside talk,
my time away from the clock
just right-left-right
left my kids with tv,
for once it’s all about me,
gaughin squats by a tree
while i fly my mental kite:
the space needle’s a beacon at night
i need some space to myself
a chance to dust off my shelf
they said it’s good for my health
thoughts come and go like sheep in the fog
just me, my bag of shit, and my dog
gaughin’s business is done
we hit vallard at a run
a quarter mile and i’ve won
though i might expire
i bend and catch my breath,
stare into the dark beyond death
my mood as bleak as macbeth
so cue the brimstone choir:
“stars, hide your fires!
let not the light see my black and deep desires”
i feel a tug at the chain
on planet earth again
about a quarter to ten
my soul breathes deep
breaking free from the smog
just me, my bag of shit, and my dog
me my bag of shit and my dog
i punch a couple lines in my iphone notes
let’s toss the witch in the pond
and see if she floats:
“the world is a room without any doors,
the sky is a house without any floors”
the thrill of sweet conception
i see the lights from my house
and wonder what’s wrong with my spouse
she makes me feel like a louse
in the cold white snow
i know gaughin will agree
another lap, we’ll be free
we’re best friends him and me
he just can’t say no:
tomorrow never comes
the moon never knows
just pick a dandelion and blow
more time away from the clock
my private inside talk
i think i’ll go for a walk
sometimes i feel like pants on a frog
just me, my bag of shit, and my dog
if you don’t keep moving,
you sink in the bog
just me, my bag of shit, and my dog
me, my bag of shit, and my dog
just me, my bag of shit, and my dog

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