lowe valley high



mindy learns why it’s called the curse
a crimson tide and an empty purse
her mother pinched her last kotex again

malcolm mocks the braindead jocks
“they’ll be pumping gas, i’ll
be trading stocks”
then a senior knocks him
face first in the mud
he smiles as he checks for blood

why so angry? one day you’ll thank me
when you finally let your pipe dreams die
why so lonely? why it’s only
another day at lowe valley high

manny boyd’s a baseball star
he hits it far and he throws it farther
his father’s drunk and shouting from the stands

meghan’s miles from algebra
her mind’s in the back seat of her boyfriend’s car
she went all the way and then some
there were photographs
it hurts when she laughs

why so stupid? poisoned by cupid,
sideswiped by that violent lullaby
why so lonely, why it’s only
another day at lowe valley high
just give it twenty years, it will look sublime
the tears will age into a tender wine
it’s a miracle of time
makes it easier to lie

meghan weeps in the bathroom stall
mindy listens close but can’t get it all
it’s the least she can do for
the girl who saved her day

a friend stands guard as malcolm peeks
manny tackles the pervert geeks
it’s good to get this anger off his heart
“see, you’re not so smart!”

why so broken? you must be joking
shoved out the window to learn to fly
why so lonely? why it’s only
another day at lowe valley high
one more day at lowe valley high
the fifth of may at lowe valley high

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