fading to grey




don’t let me go
you’re drifting away
i can see it in your eyes, there’s something’s wrong
frozen in time and you don’t have long
nobody hurt you, doesn’t mean you weren’t abused
you can’t blame the flame on the fuse
don’t let me go
you’re drifting away
fading to grey
last in line, the cornerstone
all above, none below
the buck stops and you’re all alone
the world on your shoulders, but nothing to show
don’t let me go
you’re slipping away
fading to grey
no matter you say
i won’t let you go
we’re one and the same you and me
but the path to freedom is where we disagree
eye to eye, we share a soul
but while i’m filling, you keep digging the hole
sometimes i think that it would have been
better if i could’ve just let you be
and let you go
but you can’t cut the cold from the snow
don’t let me go
it’s slipping away
fading to gray
it’s gonna be okay
i won’t let you go

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