crucifixion is easy


watch “crucifixion is easy”


stained glass passion play
vaulted ceiling, cold stone floor
marble angels pray
an icy wind beneath the door
a pious hymn reverberates
a ghostly organ fills the holes
kneeling whispers of “god is great”
sinners anxious for their souls
crucifixion is easy if you’re going home
if you’re left behind you die alone
crucifixion is easy if you’re heaven-bound
if you’re of the earth, you’ll be underground
crucifixion is easy
his battered flesh cools in the silence
beneath the hateful gaze of our beloved cross
night falls fast, drawn to the violence
and a vision of love reduced to loss
his mother bathes his tattered skin
then shuts his empty eyes
she can still feel him move within
the pain of his entrance, her delight in his cries
crucifixion is easy if you’re made of stone
if you’re flesh and blood, all that’s left is bone
crucifixion is easy if you never die
but if you’re ever born, you have to say goodbye
crucifixion is easy
a man demoted to a god
then hidden in the sky
to keep you on your knees, begging
blind to the light that shines inside
love in the face of hate
thrown away to crown a king
we could sing his song in every breath
instead we kill to kiss a ring
we worship a rebel by toeing the line
they turn a profit from your compassion
but you can’t stand tall without a spine
they tell you it’s blood, but it’s just box wine
revenge feels good
it feeds that selfish spot
that claims the things you haven’t
are better than the things you got
somewhere hate sweeps through the city
somewhere anger rakes the ground
somewhere patience falls to pity
somewhere silence swallows sound
and somewhere a child vows not to wallow
shining love into the night
rise to their feet and shine as bright
crucifixion is easy if you never rust
but if you’re ashes, you’re ashes, if you’re dust you’re dust
crucifixion is easy if you’re superman
but if you’re human, all to human,
crucifixion is easy

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