i build songs via the recording process: i craft melodies and harmonies, write and rewrite lyrics, define structure, and experiment with arrangements until i have something solid. recording the ideas externalizes them, allowing me to have a conversation with myself, slipping from creator to editor and back again throughout the process.
i wanted to make this site a true representation of the artistic process, so i’m including these earlier versions, warts and all. i’ll include notes for each project to give deeper context:

  • upcoming albums – these are planned projects, repackaging “monday songs” into musical theater
  • monday songs – these are “finished” demos
  • the billie burke estate – these are rough demos i made between (1997 and 2007), resulting in two albums
  • walrus – three and a half demo releases from (1993 to 1997).
  • smokin’ rhythm prawns, pb dirigible, testes 1-2-3 – demo releases and live tracks (1984 to 1992)
  • little liotta – fourteen yr old versions of alice cooper and billy joel (1980)

upcoming albums

up, up, and away
lowe valley high
connect the dots
another failed attempt at a hit song
too sad songs

the billie burke estate

oakland demo
demo 1
demo 2
demo 3
demo 4


gas & gristle

smokin’ rhythm prawns and beyond


little liotta

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