"monday songs" video #6: helium/up, up, and away


as a person who came of age in the previous century, i still think in terms of “sides” of an album. for me, this song acts as the end of side one of the “monday songs” record. it’s also my favorite of the ms videos, borrowing from many of my favorite films and capturing the mad collision of clarity and craziness that comes with mania.
this piece also serves as an overview of my next long-form project, called “up, up and away,” tracking my experience being hospitalized during a florid manic episode back in 1999 (the prince songs has a whole different meaning to me…). whereas this song points to the hypomania giving way to psychosis and ultimately awaking after a night in restraints, the full piece will track the entire cycle, from depression to perfection and back again.

i plan to release it in parts starting later in the year, and after completion, doing a final editing pass creating a single unified experience that works from beginning to end.
until next week…