monday underground #8: "alchemy"

the video is an idea i’ve had for about thirty years or so: take identical shapes in different settings and blend one into the other. while putting together “now you see it” a couple weeks back, i realized how cool a slow dissolve is between two rich images.

whites get preference, causing uneven in-between states. these transitions are where the magic happens.

pretty sure the tune is ripped off from some satie gymnopedie or gnossienne. though it’s possible i ripped off someone ripping off satie. slim chance it’s original. either way, the opening theme hit me at the piano earlier this week, and i did an improv on it, basing the length on the video length and then making adjustments on both sides. what you hear is the first take.

a note on the slim arrangement: i have a feeling every thing i do going forward will have hammond organ in it somewhere. it’s so fun to play and no two notes are ever the same. the organ was improvised on top of the piano. this was the first full take.

also, the ezdrummer program has changed my life, allowing for excellent sounding real drums, with very little fuss. i use the program for groovy clicktrakcs and almost always keep them in place. i’m looking forward to having the time to do a full performance rather than loops, but it has been a great time saver as is.

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