monday underground #5: "the 10 o’clock news"


this song has been a favorite of mine since i posted it back in august of 2010.

i tried to make a video for it the following year as a follow up to my first “ghost story” video (monday song #1), but i kept grinding to a heavy-handed halt.

i almost gave up again this time, when i stumbled upon a slo-mo wet dog video. it just worked for me, and started a path toward a less literal reading of the song after the first chorus.

i should thank earth unplugged for the slo-mo animals (check out their youtube channel) and gopro for the ridiculous pelicam shots at the end (buy one, they’re great!). can’t mention the movie that the kisses are from, as it will spoil the ending.  and if you haven’t seen the fredrick march version of dr. jekyll and mr. hyde, rent it. it’s a real work of art…

want to say happy birthday to my brother, gary. i’d make a joke about him entering old age, etc, but since he’s three years younger than me, who would really be the punchline there?

also, it’s 30 years to the day since i first met my wife, kristin. after so many years wearing each other down, it can be difficult to know just where she ends and i begin. i wouldn’t change a minute of it.