monday underground #2: "another perfect day"


for the second installment of my video series, monday underground, i put images to one of the more entertaining monday songs: “another perfect day.” it’s a rare uplifter from my power pop phase, declaiming the truth of the eternal present.

though many of the most popular psychedelic tracks focus on drugs (“white rabbit,” “magic carpet ride”), madness (“the green manalishi,” the entire 70s output of pink floyd) or often both, this one follows in the less populous genre invented by the beatles with “all you need is love” (heavily referenced here). i’ve gravitated to the style over the years (“birthday,” “love song”); i think celebrating calm is a favorite pastime of neurotics like myself…

i’ve loved “yellow submarine” (also referenced) since i first saw it as a little kid in 1970. watching as an adult, i am always crippled by tears during “all you need is love.” the killer line: “there’s nowhere you can be that isn’t where you’re meant to be” utterly destroys me in that familiar heartbreaking/comforting way.

when pulling together images for the video, i was struck by how well the music worked for sports highlight clips, so i couldn’t resist making the third act a celebration of some of my favorite sports moments over the years. though my taste is a bit artier, i could definitely see a version with nothing but great sports moments. probably for someone else to execute.

side note: i realized while i was driving last week that one of the main reasons “monday underground” felt good to me was because of the kinks album, “lola vs powerman and the money underground.” a reference i can whole-heartedly endorse, by virtue of lola and apeman alone…