monday song #87: nocturne


this is one of the prettier songs i’ve written. as with many of the previous posts, it’s guitar, plus harmony vocal; tunes for the latest paul n linda record.

i pictured the atmosphere of romantic poet like edgar allan poe: a moonlit cemetery looking down on the ocean.

it took me forever to figure out the harmony, until i came across the simon and garfunkel style, like an echo, or a conversation. i even moved some words around so the responses would make sense.

2 replies on “monday song #87: nocturne”

  1. Eagerly awaiting Paul and Linda! I know KB isn’t much of a Simon and Garfunkel fan, but I am. I love the call and response, and the simple, spare guitar. Lovely.

  2. thanks dana! it was fun discovering the call and response. i’ll have to do more of it (until kristin gives in on s&g…)

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