monday video #1: ghost story


as you may have noticed, monday songs has been silent for much of the year. up till the last post, the prime reason has been an overabundance of non-musical work.

but in the weeks since ‘balloon’ i have been actively working on a pair of album projects, each composed entirely of monday songs. i will be releasing something next year, though at the moment, i’m not sure which.

there will be more songs to come: i’m sure i will release a few while i’m recording.

in the meantime, here is a homespun video i put together for the first ever monday song. you may be hearing a new version of it soon…

2 replies on “monday video #1: ghost story”

  1. Hey Andy, Glad to see an update on this site. Hope you’ve been up to interesting things. Forgot about this tune but it’s very catchy and strong and some part of me actually did remember it. (Would like you to know that I’m often walking down the street or whatever when one of your songs pops into my head.) The video is also done very well and I’m guessing that was a lot of work. Hope everything’s good.

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