monday song #28: behind the blue


this is the start of a three song death scene. clarity is coming for mr. sullivan, and so is the end of this song cycle. the first step is acceptance. at that point he will be opened up to his core. and then the curtains will fall.

finally introduced by name at the end of the last song, mr. sullivan sinks toward his end, his son approaches, asking him to stay. this song is in the voice of the son, who has had more time to adjust to these strange surroundings.

this is an end to end piano as guitar piece. had the intro in my files for a few months, and glued the rest together after setting up the lyrics. this is the rare instance of a lyrics-first song. i usually don’t like writing words first, as there is little to ground the meaning. i think this worked because the context of the plot left me with a clear foundation.

there’s a bit of prog rock in here, a bit of elliott smith. also some obvious “dear prudence” motion. come to think of it, dear prudence and misttra know it all are basically the same progression. another quarter in the jar…

one note: going forward i am dropping the every monday guarantee. there are just not enough hours in the day to make this happen. i will release as often as possible. i will shoot for every monday, but occasionally, the site will be empty. i’m not going to send out any more apology mails. it’s rather silly announcing an absence.

well, that’s enough bookkeeping. two more songs until the dots are all connected. then i am going to dive into a looser cycle based on mania, that should allow for a nice mix of psychedelia and anxiety. my favorite.

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  1. Yeah, this period has been deliciously dark. I look forward to the next cycle, too. Psychedelia and anxiety, perfect. But since psychedelia has always been accompanied by anxiety for me, I looked up the term to see if ‘anxiety’ was part of the definition. Per Wikipedia: “…derived from the Greek words ???? (psyche, ‘mind’) and ?????? (delein, ‘to manifest’), translating ‘mind-manifesting’. A psychedelic experience is characterized by the perception of aspects of one’s mind previously unknown, or by the creative exuberance of the mind liberated from its ostensibly ordinary fetters.”

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