monday song #6: the start of something big


number six. that’s an album side so far…

i had it in mind to write something with a new year’s theme. and with the world in the state it is and obama promising a sincere effort but no guarantees, i stuck on the subject of change and how it rarely comes without anxiety.

the piano part came first. harmonically it reminded me of stevie wonder, but the bouncy feel and dropped beats were probably inspired by mccartney’s “martha my dear.” the overall combo of harmony and structure were suggestive of emitt rhodes first solo album. if you are not familiar with it, i suggest you search it out. one of those lost a+ efforts.

when i started singing, i realized, both due to the key of the vocals and the subject matter, that this was cat stevens world. it was all i could do to resist a straight up impersonation. his “mona bone jakon” is a favorite of mine, and the connection to the black comedy “harold and maude” has leant that album a cinematic quality that i am often trying to capture when i write.

the interlude is partly lifted from the beach boys “here today,” and a nod to silent film scores and italian opera (bugs bunny lathering up elmer fudd’s head to Rossini).

coming in future weeks is the sad song i wrote last week (“let’s talk about the weather”) and the fun breakup song “…and here i’m standing,” and whatever i write this week.
thanks for listening.