monday song #14: one of these days


number 14. and no, it’s not the pink floyd song.

this little ditty was conceived as a number for a post-modern musical. the hero kicks the ground, looks up to heaven, and in an optimistic and wholesome tenor (or baritone in my case) sings about how things will change for the better, one of these days… of course in the monday songs world, this means a blend of resentment, revenge, madness, and ecstacy. it’s a musical i’d love to see: “the imminent conversion of sid.”

this is probably the most randy newman thing i’ve ever written, until it takes a left turn off the diving board. i’m not aware of his using the exact piano figure in the verses, but i wouldn’t be surprised if he did somewhere. there’s only so many utterly simple, old-fashioned, raggy, bluesy, americana progressions to go around. also owes something to nilsson who uses the 1-7-6 figures in his progressions, like “think about your troubles” or “moonbeam song,” which are, after all, the same song. (so good he wrote it twice!)
the last few songs have come down to the wire. the results have been satisfying, more experimental and dynamic, but the process can get stressful when i’m typing at 1am on monday morning. this week i will try to get started earlier. or better yet, maybe i’ll write a simpler song…