one of these days



one of these days, i’m gonna paint my house pink
the neighbors won’t like it, to hell with what they think
one of these days, i’ll stop mowing the lawn
it’ll grow tall while i’m sleeping,
i’ll be laughing at dawn

one of these days, i’ll build a snowman in july,
he’ll bleed on the sidewalk, and make these children cry
one of these days, i’ll blast the music in my dodge,
get back at my girlfriend’s brother, he sleeps in my garage

you may think i’m crazy
shows how little you know
you’d have to be deaf, dumb and lazy
to sit through this pitiful show

seems like a sudden decision a brutal ambition
a flash of cold lightning at night
but its been growing inside me i just can’t keep hiding
in spite of the risk if I’m right,
when I’m right…

one of these days gonna tear down this fence
cheap cedar and whitewash, a bloody offense
one of these days I’m going to shoot my tv
candy, chrome and commercials, too much sugar in my tea

one of these days i’m gonna kick down these walls
give the inside to the outside give this barrel to the falls
one of these days i’m gonna tear this whole thing down
build it back up from the bottom and turn it upside down

i may have my doubts
so what if i do?
there’s only twenty seven outs in this ballgame
and i’m on deck with twenty two

i’ve lived with my kneejerk conclusions
abrasions contusions
afraid of confusion and space
heres an awestruck awareness
from hunger to fairness
I’ll move from bewareness to grace
Yes, it’s finally clear
need to look in this mirror
without gritting my teeth at that face

one of these days i’ll lose control
one of these days i’ll save my soul
one of these days i’ll be released
i’ll rest in peace

one of these days i’m gonna turn on the lights
scare off the darkness that keeps me shivering at night
one of these days i’m gonna burst up through the ceiling
free all these mockingbirds,
and feel what I’m feeling

one of these days
one of these days
maybe today
or the day after tomorrow
one of these days

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