monday song #13: in your ear


lucky thirteen.

ran late this week and did most of the work on valentine’s day, which might explain the romantic undertones. as you’ve probably sensed by now, i haven’t met a double entendre i didn’t like, and this whole song is an extend experiment in such duplicity.

though the romance is on the surface, underneath is the exploration of the intimacy of music. you can be alone, while being with someone else: opening yourself to their feelings. letting yourself go. for me, this is the magic of music, both as a creator and consumer. it’s very high honor to be invited inside someone’s private world. though unintentional, almost all of the music i write is meant for this setting. perhaps a bit untimely in an era where public music is so popular, and private music is not often meant for intimacy, but as a soundtrack that supports the listener’s identity, or workout.

musically this is one of my less derivative structures. i couldn’t help thinking of hall and oates “one on one” in the mini-verses. it’s a definite guilty pleasure. i liked having to wait for the chorus/bridge after a lot of repetition. seemed more satisfying and more unexpected. those two go together regularly for me.