sitting alone again with me
turn off the phone and make believe

the rhythm’s slow makes you nod and sigh
i start in low, so i can take you higher

laying around again with me
roll on the ground and soon you’ll see

close your eyes and i show you my world
a simple landscape in charcoal and pearl
make you forget that you’re a boy or girl

swim in the sound again with me
lay it down and let it be

as hunger grows, inhibitions die
the motor’s racing you can let me drive
just open up and i climb inside

burn in the fire again with me
feed the desire and set you free

the more i whisper the more you hear
it’s wild confusion and it’s crystal clear
the music moves you to a new frontier
you know what i’m thinking, i’ve never been nearer

in your ear, it’s sincere
i’m whatever you want me to be
in your ear, it’s clear
you see what you want to see
in your ear, you hear
it’s just you and me

back on the ground again with me
touching down and then release

the world returns as we stop the pretend
the music fades we turn the silence to ten
and when its over we can do it again

sitting alone again with me