monday underground #10: "moving forward, standing still"


i spent last weekend at a buddhist retreat, and the time i didn’t spend meditating (or trying to), i spent walking in the woods. as opportunities arose, i took photos and a few videos. as i walked, this monday song kept going through my mind.

i wrote this when pete seeger died, and since he was the closest thing america had to a buddha, i wrote the lyrics celebrating relativity and the here and now.

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"monday songs" video #6: helium/up, up, and away


as a person who came of age in the previous century, i still think in terms of “sides” of an album. for me, this song acts as the end of side one of the “monday songs” record. it’s also my favorite of the ms videos, borrowing from many of my favorite films and capturing the mad collision of clarity and craziness that comes with mania. Continue reading “"monday songs" video #6: helium/up, up, and away”