what can i do? what can i say?
when i’m with you i want to stay
now that you’re gone, there’s only me
i’m all alone, how can this be?

i think i’m gonna cry
it’s hard to say goodbye

i tried to hate you, i laughed in your face
you couldn’t wait to leave my place
i made a mistake, i’m begging you, “please”
just give me one break,
can’t you see that i’m on my knees

i think i’m gonna cry
i just can’t say good bye

what can i say? what can i do?
it feels like today yesterday was with you
there’s no more hope, can’t make a sound
at the end of my rope
i’ll just be here hanging around

i think i’m gonna cry
i guess this be goodbye
i think i’m gonna cry
so hard to say goodbye