monday song #91: my color wheel





i started work on this as another two-part song, but the second i had two, there just had to be three. the harmonies reminded my of the boswell sisters, though they get funky here and there.

i’ve been spending time trying to teach myself to draw with the hope of being able to pull off some animation or a comic or something i can put together with my music. in my journey, i came across the colic color library and thought some of the names were hilarious. thus the lyrics. i ended up making a few up, but for the most part their all available to order from the colic site.

the tune was written in about five minutes, playing ukelele and fiddling with some old time chords. i’m pretty sure some of the same chords exist in either ‘gravity‘ or ‘being with you,’ for some reason the ukelele forces me into a narrow set of chords.

in the end, i decided to do the whole thing in mono, to get more of the period flavor. if i had more time i would have added the scratchy 78 sound, and spent some time making it sound like it was coming out of a victrola. maybe on an album some day…

until next time…


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  • Chuck D on

    Oh I so want to be you when I grow up. Just listened to Facefull of Teardrops and now this one…

    You are something else…

    Good seeing Walrus the other night in SF.

    Keep writing the Monday Songs

    • andy on

      Thanks Chuck! SF was a blast. Glad you like the quieter side as well. 🙂

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