being with you




the moment i kissed you i knew it
ten-ten on a friday night
all these years in the dark i said screw it
being with you
being with you turned on the light
you said you’d love me forever
one week and you’re moving away
fast track from always to never
what can i do
being with you one more day
we could take a walk on the beach
hand in hand, skin to skin
we could lay in the sand and begin
you tell me you’ll paint me a rainbow
come and get it at a quarter to four
knock knock it’s nice to meet you miss laidlow
“he’s up in his room,
keep to the left, the second door.”
your mother’s packing the pantry
i watch you folding your clothes
then you unbutton your pants, tell me
it’s gonna be fine
unbuttoning mine, we’ll see love grow
after blast-off a walk on the sun
you above, me below
time to cast off, i whisper my love
you tell me you know
i think i’ll go to church naked
kick start my life full of crime
i finally find my heart and you break it
the things i would do
to be here with you
six weeks and the pain hasn’t faded
i scratch your name on my arm till it bleeds
the lights are out again, the world is deflated
what can I do
being with you is what i need
being with you
being with you is all that i need
being with you
being with you
being with you being with you…

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